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Thread: Error 500

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    Error 500

    When i visit my website at that time.We are getting Error.

    Internet Server Error

    Error # 500

    What is the problem?Is it programming script problem or webhosting server problem?

    Thanks in advanced

    Thanks for Appreciate.

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    The problem could be of the script as well as your .htaccess file. Just try renaming your .htaccess to something else. If still you see the error it should be your script.. -Transparent Technical Support for Webhosts
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    Really is it script problem?I thought that webserver problem.

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    When you get the error 500 internal server error it is always related t the scripts because a single mistake in coding will causing this error message.

    Thank you.


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    Tail your apache error_log while accessing the link. That will give you the right hint.
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