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    Business for sale - $658.50 THIS WEEK

    I am selling my business due to a family emergency, in which I require immediate funds to attend to.

    This site has been my baby, and has grown MUCH faster than I would have expected. I hate to see it go.
    We've established a brand name for the little time we've been in business, and our orders are picking up tremendously.

    This is a money making machine.

    I have barely advertised this website..

    Imagine the possibilities if one spent a little time marketing this website.

    I'm trying to be as brief as possible, as I want to protect the URL for now.

    The business is a forum posting service.

    I will provide all details via PM. I hate not posting the URL and I understand it's extremely annoying, but I don't feel it's something I should be doing, at least for now.

    Please don't post in this thread, I will not reply.

    Thanks for your understanding,

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    Maybe you can share more details on the business.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RapidEsign
    Is this a hosting business..or what?
    The OP said...

    Quote Originally Posted by SellingForumCo
    The business is a forum posting service.

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    A Forum Posting Service?

    Are you those (&^*&%stards that have been spaming my forums?

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    I know I said I wouldn't be replying to the thread, but just for the sake of my personal entertainment, I'm going to give you a little run down on the difference between a forum posting service, and a SPAMMING service.

    A forum posting service receives payment from the actual forum owner in which they'll be conducting their services, and posts to increase user activity.

    A SPAMMING services takes payment from companies to SPAM forums.

    I don't see the word SPAM mentioned in the initial post. Please exercise a little bit of decency in your posts.

    Thank you.

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