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    need a new host for CFMX and php

    Hi any suggestions for a host that supports Coldfusion 7.x and php 4.x or 5.x

    preferably 6gb space and decent traffic/database loads

    oh and affordable too, I can find the expensive ones easy enough

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    Check out I have been with them for over a year(sine they started) in one plan or another.

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    actually they were on a short list for me to check out (seems good but still no cfmx 7.x with 8 coming seems too far behind the times) (seen some bad reviews on here that make me wary) (on my list before you posted it. havent seen anything yet) (just got over a dns ddos attack, but highly recommended)

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    Yep. seems to offers good deals on CFMX Hosting
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    CrystalTech is good too, or was when I was with them. They were my first ColdFusion host I ever used. But this was all before they were bought out, so I can't speak for how they are now. But when I was there support was great, although they are a little pricier.

    JodoHost is good as well. And not having CF7 is more a HSPHERE issue than a Jodo issue, CF 7 isn't very stable in HSPHERE so to keep stability they are staying with CF 6. Jodo has excellent support and active forums.

    Never used - so I can't speak.

    For value and support and CF 7, I would recommend HostingFest. They use Helm for the CP which is a great product. They are fairly good about keeping their software up to date, so you don't have to worry about that. Right now I have all my client sites with them, and I don't recall any downtime. There was an email/webmail issue, but they immediately moved the mail server to its own server to alleviate the problem. Their forums are pretty active too. The guys are HostingFest are top-notch.

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    I ended up going with hostingfest on a smaller package to try them out. I had a few hiccups at first in getting things setup but everything is going smooth now. so far they've been reliable and responsive. I'll post again in a month or two if anyone cares. thanks again

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    JodoHost is good as well. And not having CF7 is more a HSPHERE issue than a Jodo issue, CF 7 isn't very stable in HSPHERE so to keep stability they are staying with CF 6. Jodo has excellent support and active forums.
    CF7 is fine in hsphere, it is just that you need to be running hsphere v2.5 and I believe they are running hsphere v2.4.3

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    You will be happy with HostingFest. They are very responsive to their customers. Keep us informed of your HostingFest experiences.

    And yeah, I think Jodo was talking on their forums about moving up to CFMX 7 with their next upgrade of HSPHERE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MyNet-Tony
    You will be happy with HostingFest. They are very responsive to their customers. Keep us informed of your HostingFest experiences.

    And yeah, I think Jodo was talking on their forums about moving up to CFMX 7 with their next upgrade of HSPHERE.
    jodohost was the first one I was going to try but a year and still no upgrade to CFMX 7.x was too concerning. v8 scorpio will be out by mid 2007 or so and they will be 2 versions behind at that point. There's too many good features in version 7 to go with a host on v6 imo.

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    See thats the great thing about HostingFest, they upgrade as soon as its stable.

    They would upgrade HELM, which I am waiting for, but HELM felt the need to leave out important features to rush out HELM 4 because people were getting upset that 4 was taking so long. They left out ColdFusion support. Its listed as an upcoming feature. But don't get me started about HELM 4 and leaving out features.

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    well its been a month on hostingfest and I plan on renewing for another month.

    I didn't have too many problems once I got the initial setup going. Many of the problems were my fault for having experience on dedicated hosts where I ran the cf administrator etc so that was a challenge but other than that things went well.

    There was about four incident of downtime, but I'm not sure if you could argue or not if the 99 whatever guaranteed uptime was voided. The web server and IIS were running but ColdFusion crashed for up to 12 hours one time because of a runaway script on someone elses account. My entire site is in ColdFusion so to me its a downtime

    So all in all pretty solid so far and good response times have been great for the most part.

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    Hi Danak,

    I'm curious how your experience has been so far. Have you noticed frequent CF resets or downtime?

    I'm looking for a new coldfusion host.

    I currently have coldfusion applications hosted with Jodohost and hostdepartment. Hostdepartment recently decided to disable coldfusion on one of my accounts without telling me and have now said that I have to choose between coldfusion or asp for that account. The problem is that one of my applications on that account is an asp page. They won't move my coldfusion applications to one of my many other coldfusion accounts that I have with them- so I figure its just as easy for me to move those accounts to a different server than back to one of theres. I have also had problems with them constantly juggling my accounts between their servers and each time they do so they break all of the ODBC connections and it takes 2 days before it works again after they are fixed.
    As for Jodohost - they seem to be struggling with coldfusion administration. They tend to blame your code when things go wrong - which I have noticed others mentioning in previous searches for jodohost reviews. I'm getting constant resets on an application that was rock solid on a crappy hostdepartment shared account. According to MySQL control centre the jodohost mysql server that i was assigned is also very slow and I had to program alot of fault tolerance into my application to deal with the frequent query misses.

    So here I am looking for some new coldfusion hosts. I have about 20 web applications to move - some get decent traffic (3gb+) and tonnes of spidering activity.

    I also just tried crystaltech but canceled immediately because their coldfusion premier account doesn't actually support multiple domains. Instead they offer domain aliases and expect you to use CF or ASP code to manage multple domains. This is way to sloppy for me. I was dissapointed because the server did seem very solid and responsive and they have a good signup promotion rightnow. If they change the way they handle extra domains I'd be right back on board.

    I'm looking at fusionlink and cfxhosting for an industrial strengh CF host, but am interested in hostingfest as a secondary host as long as they are not just a face for one of the aformentioned services.
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    Hello Bingo. As far as frequent resets on the ColdFusion server go, I am very surprised. 10 minute resets are impossible, and would make the server unusable I'm sure there is something else going on that is causing your specific website/app pool to reset. I am not aware of any server-wide coldfusion issues. If you could PM me your ticket IDs, i could look into it

    We only re-name a coldfusion file when it has been causing problems on the server. If we renamed any of your scripts, I am 100% positive it was due to an abuse issue where your script was causing issues on the server. You would have been notified in that case. As for the MySQL issues, once again I'm surprised. I am sure this is more of an isolated issue for your setup, which I'd be happy to help you resolve. we have no reports of slow MySQL servers, and all our database servers are performing very well. - Build, Share & Embed - Windows VPS Hosting, ASP.NET and SQL Server Hosting
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    I reported the slow database issue every single time I have contacted or been contacted by support since the database misses and slow queries were most likely the cause of any hangups.

    The files that were renamed were simple files, like player profile files. They were not abusing the system - only getting hit by search engine spiders. Since I have over 10 000 players and my site is deeply indexed. At times I can see 200+ spider instances on my profiles in a few minutes and even more when I try to build a google sitemap (which I haven't tried in awhile because last time your guys renamed the file.)

    I'm not talking about the actual server rebooting - I'm talking about the coldfusion service rebooting. It only takes 5-30 seconds, but the problem for me is that it interupts my live tracking and when it goes down that frequently I worry a little about search engines catching it on an important page.

    I have to step out - I'll address the database issues tonight.
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    yes I'm still on hostingfest. They've been pretty responsive for the most part. there has been some erratic downtime due to scripts going out of memory control I assume. Its a good cheap alternative for CF hosting that uses ms sql server 2005.

    I use for our CF user group and they've been fabulous as well. Custom control panel, responsive support 24/7, ms sql 2005. They are a bit pricier than hostingfest but top notch all around so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bingo View Post
    I have found hostdepartment to be fairly helpful and their control works, though it is somewhat limited. The only problem I do have with them is the long waits to let the server compile the code on a page load. They are a good price but you get what you pay for in speed/bandwidth.

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