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    Hosting Support/Sales for your company! $1.50 per Level 3 ticket/chat/email!

    Hello a little about myself, I am a server admin level 1, 2, 3. I have over 5 years experience in the hosting field. Currently due to the holidays I am launching some specials I am sure many will be interested in. I am offering dedicated chat/ticket/email support for your clients

    Level 1 and 2 support
    $1.00 per ticket- this is not per answer this is for the completion of the ticket.

    Level 3 Support
    $1.50 per ticket- this is not per answer this is for the completion of the ticket.

    I would be performing most of the, I have one other dedicated Level 3 Support I also have 2 technicians that work for me that will aid in offering Level 1 and 2 Support. You can have confidence, if I need more support professionals I will hire quality people.

    I am American based with a dedicated internet connection and a backup connection.

    All of my technicians are the same.

    This special is indefinate meaning if you signup before I close it, this is your price indefinatley.

    Also if you btickets/emails/chatsuy in lots you will receive much better deals. They are as follows.

    Level 1 and 2
    100 tickets/chats/emails - $90.00
    500 tickets/chats/emails- $400.00
    1000 tickets/chats/emails-$750.00

    Level 3

    100 tickets/chats/emails $130.00
    500 tickets/chats/emails$650.00
    1000 tickets/chats/emails $1300.00

    Please PM me for more details and further contact information. Or email [email protected]

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