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    Thumbs up Plain Blank Dedicated Server - What do we do?


    I've got my eye on a dedicated server, which includes nothing, basically.

    My primary ( only ) use will be to host a forum, which requires PHP & Mysql databases.

    Would i need to install them both? How would i do that? I'm new

    They include this:
    HTTP / Web Server
    SMTP / Email Server
    MySQL / Database
    None. Please do a base install only and provide SSH or RDP for remote access. I will install what I need.

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    If you don't know what you're doing - you are really going to want to go with the following:

    a) A server with a control panel and hire a 3rd party management company
    b) A fully managed server

    If you are new, the very last thing you want to do is get a plain blank dedicated server.

    You might even consider a managed VPS, like what ServInt offers.

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    Please, help us all out and don't do this alone without experience.

    Without experience, you're bound to be hacked, exploited and your machine may turn into a spam zombie or something.. just follow what sirius explained.

    Is there something wrong with you using shared hosting? Is your forum too big?
    Maybe a VPS would be better for you.

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    sounds like you are looking at corenetworks

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    higher some expert to do the job for you or you will be spending times troubleshooting configuration if you are new.
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    I would recommend a vps or dedi from liquidweb. Excellent support and they are very noob friendly.

    I have a vps with them and run my vbulletin site on it.

    What are your forum stats, this might help people reccommend something for you.,

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    As long as you know how to administer the SW installed, you'll probably be ok assuming your host does a good job with the OS install.

    I'm sure you could find someone to help out with your initial setup for not a whole lot of $$$.
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    Plesk or Cpanel, try to search those info at WHT.
    good luck!

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