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    Cheap low low end servers

    I've been looking for ages to find decent, affordiable dedicated servers. Basically, I need a junk box, like a 933mhz machine with a 40GB or so drive, at a low cost ($20~30 a month) and all I have found is Galaxy Host, but I'm unsure about them...

    I've seen a couple servers with decent prices, but they are either foreign, or they have some hitch.

    I don't need support, and I don't need any help or anything like that.

    Bandwidth wise about 300GB or more.

    Of course, if anyone has any other suggestions for $30 servers, feel free to let me know.

    Edit: I would even take an extremly cheap colo host, if I could find one for that cheap.

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    The only thing your going to get with that budget is a VPS, but it might even cost more for 40GB of space.

    A VPS will probably work better for you than a dedicated box in this still get root access and your own OS choice.

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    687 has a $25 server but they're currently sold out.. wouldn't hurt to email them asking when they might get some servers in stock. Also, you can try colopronto/serverpronto.

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    Look for this topic or this.

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    I already did look through both threads, I saw a few that piqued my interest (such as lowcostdedi) but thats really about it. Was wondering if anyone had any other good input.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xenocide
    ($20~30 a month)
    Power and space would be ($20~30 a month).......I supose you would require some transit?

    $50 is a good price point for a junker.
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    May I ask why you are unsure about us?

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    I'm generally pretty wary of hosts like that (similar to CoreNetworks). The positive side to you is that you accept paypal, so I have to pay you manually rather then it being automatically withdrawn. I've had horror situations where I've been overdrawn insane amounts due to automatic billing.

    While I do understand that you guys (probably) will never do this again, I still am wary. No offense to you guys.

    Anyway, the reason I've not went to a VPS is because I have had VPS sellers screaming at me because I change the kernel (grsec), and I've been griped at for that before.

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    have you check bestofdata ?
    IRC Support there >>

    they have 100Mb unmetered for a cheap price, quite unbelievable but
    theyīre in france, some people says bandwith is cheaper there, you should
    check latency, thatīs quite important depending what are you planning to run

    what I would really look up to, is a server wich you can make a hard reset without
    the need of opening a ticket, sit and wait... I think thatīs a "must have" (bestofdata has that)

    ex: serverpronto charge you for reset your server, but their price seems to be very cheap

    this guys Galaxy Solutions seems nice, Iīll take a look at the "closely"

    Anyway, avoid :

    - Hivelocity (they charge me $180 with ther automatic charge, and it never was returned to me, yes... I lost that amount of money and never get my server)
    - Domaingurus/Host2own/ (they are the same people, they are the worst thing you could imagine)

    and thatīs it for now

    good luck !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by maunic
    - Domaingurus/Host2own/ (they are the same people, they are the worst thing you could imagine)
    What experience d

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    Quote Originally Posted by maunic
    - Domaingurus/Host2own/ (they are the same people, they are the worst thing you could imagine)
    What experience did you have with them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xenocide
    I'm generally pretty wary of hosts like that
    Looking at there prices everyone should be wary.

    You pay them peanuts, you get monkeys!

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