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    * Wanted: Custom VB Skin Designed & Coded

    I need a custom VB skin designed for my Xbox 360 site, this includes both the initial design, and then coding it.

    The forums are part of a larger Xbox 360 website, however the skin does not need to match the main site. As long as there is space in the header to add some links to things like news, reviews, etc that is fine. It is also fine for the forums to have their own header/logo.

    I will leave the basic design and color scheme up to you, but it should be Xbox 360 themed, and in terms of the layout, I need space for advertisements and a 100% screen width style.

    I am looking to get this done hopefully within 1 week (not sure if thats possible), and my budget will depend on the quality of your portfolio, it is capped at US$350 though.

    If you are interested, then please send me your portfolio link via PM so that I can see previous VB skins you have done.


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    hey i think i can get u that vbulletin skin

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