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    Which Host? HostGator vs. Lunarpages


    I have been searching around here and other forums as well for a new host for my ecommerce website, and the more I look, the more confusing it gets. I've already gone to, as well as other forums, and the two hosting companies that have been repeatedly mentioned for their reliability and support are HostGator and LunarPages.

    My current requirements are not too high, 200-300 Mb Disk Space, 2-3 Gig Bandwidth, 3 MySql Databases. Very good 24/7 support is imperative, as we are in Europe, and need support around the clock. And without saying 99.9% reliability is the most important feature, as for an ecommerce site, being down for any period of time could mean loss of business.

    Another important feature is for the Host to be able to move the site over for me, as we are not tech savvy, and it seems like a difficult task to do.

    My main concerns are the following:

    1. Hosgator's restrictions on their TOS on CPU usage, as our programming is quite complicated, with a lot of queries and php, and we would not like to be shut down without warning if we use over 25% of their resources. I only saw this restriction in HostGator's website, is it a common feature on others? Does anyone have direct experience with this?

    2. LunarPages replied to some of our questions were very thorough, while HostGator, though the quickest they seem quite blunt and not willing to explain much, just, we will do your transfer, any plan would be good. However, the online chat feature in HostGator always seem to be available, and the support though very abrupt, was at least there.

    3. Though our company is in Spain, we export worldwide, so wanted to know if going over to the US is wise, or if it would be better to stay with a Spanish host.

    4. The packages in some Hosting companies like HostGator seem very big and somehow unreal. I know overselling is a big problem in this industry. Should overselling be a detractor for anyone trying to find a reliable host?

    I know these are a lot of issues that have previously been discussed, but I would appreciate some honest opinions on your hosts, as well as any other recommendations. Also replies from the actual Hosts would also be very informative.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Seem to be pretty fluent in english. I would say search for reviews on them. There on tons of reviews on HostGator that you can find.
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    Both are big hosting companies so you can find a lot of hosting reviews. I would check there support response time and is offering a great deal right now on there coffeecup software. Also check there forums and see what other customer may be discussing about the service.
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    It always take AGES for me to load up the LP website. Now again: 9.526 seconds. This is something to keep in mind for your European clients.
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    Yes, both my partner and I are educated in London, so we don't need any Spanish support at all. In fact, the levels of support and service in Spain are very poor comparing to what we have seen in the US, so let's say in fact going to the US would be a big step forward in terms of customer support.

    Regarding loading of pages, even though I am in Spain, a lot of times pages which are hosted in Spain sometimes take longer for me to load, comparing to the loading of US hosted pages, which tend to be much quicker. I have never seen any correlation between the speed of uploading of pages in the US to the ones in Spain. However, perhaps hosting somewhere else in Europe would be an option. Any suggestions?

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    4. The packages in some Hosting companies like HostGator seem very big and somehow unreal. I know overselling is a big problem in this industry. Should overselling be a detractor for anyone trying to find a reliable host?
    That's a very good question. HostGator recently increased their plan specifications, before it was normal.

    If you honestly do not need that much disk space or bandwidth, find a web host which is more suitable for you. There are plenty of reliable web hosting companies, you just have to find the right one for yourself.

    Hostgator has a great reputation and positive feedback, but that's from when their prices and offerings were normal. You would have to wait and find out how reliable their new offerings are from what customers have to say about them OR you can just sign up and see how it goes. They do offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

    Regarding overselling, I would highly recommend that you read

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    If support is important to you, I would go with Lunarpages. I've dealt with many companies in the last 7 years, and I never saw such commitment as I see with Lunarpages. A really kind team for such a big company.

    As for the hosting service itself, right now I'm hosting with 5 different companies, Lunarpages as one of them, and I'm really thinking of
    moving more of my sites to them.

    Hostgator is a good company too, with a reliable service, but because of LP simpathy, I would go towards them.
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    I use HostGator, and I am very pleased with their services. I don't think it is unreasonable for them to shut down accounts using 25% of server resources. If your site is capable of using those resources, then it belongs on a high resource plan, or on a VPS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ava17
    1. Hostgator's restrictions on their TOS on CPU usage.... I only saw this restriction in HostGator's website, is it a common feature on others?
    Hostgator actually lists that restriction in clear terms...? I think that's a good thing. Because I can tell you, from experience, that all the hosts have this as a restriction. It's just a "back end" restriction that you don't usually learn about until it's too late.

    Too-high CPU-usage numbers was why Lunarpages kicked me off their servers. I was way below their stated limits on bandwidth and storage (with no forums or other CPU-heavy scripts), and e-mail was handled by the third-party service. I had been with Lunarpages for years, but eventually my site's traffic became sufficiently high that the number of file requests being processed by the CPU was overloading their system.

    Note: The above is not a "slam" on Lunarpages; it's just that Lunarpages was the host from whom I first learned of this usually unwritten restriction. This restriction was confirmed, in short order, by Total Choice Hosting. I'd explained my situation to TCH, specifically pointing out the file-call problem, asking if TCH would be able to "handle" my site. Looking only at the bandwidth and storage numbers, TCH assured me I'd do fine with one of their "shared" accounts. I signed up for the biggest "shared" account they had, and lasted only seventeen days.

    If you think you're going to butt up against the upper limits on CPU usage for a "shared" account, you might want to consider getting a VPS (virtual private server) account instead. Yes, it costs more, but the stability might be worth it.


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    Unless you have a good amount of traffic, CPU usage should not be an issue. Having complex database structure is not a big deal as long as size of db is not high and traffic is reasonable.
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