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    I'm looking to sell this site (along with the domain). The idea of the project was to make a forum with A LOT of categories and sub-categories. Regardless of what you do with the site, this is a great domain for a forum website. The current site is using the beta of phpBB2.0

    Domain: (Expires July 15th 2007 @
    Hosting: $0.50 /month (paid for 3 years in advance!)
    Asking Price: $xx offers

    I'm just too busy with so many other projects and forums to finish all of them. I've got a few other projects that are in the gutter if you are interested (PM me).

    PayPal is fine. I'd really like to start using Heatware again also. Here is my linkage:

    TextAdMarket -
    Supply & Demand Advertising

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    Do you have a BIN in mind?

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    I 2nd request for BIN
    1. Mmmmm food...

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