I have a Raq4i 512Mb RAM and installed some .pkg updates http://sunsolve.sun.com/patches/cobalt/raq4.eng.html
today that killed the server. Rackshack trouble ticket says:

server mising multiple necessary libriares due to faulty kernel patch. server will require resotre to bring back online. awaiting custoemr authorization for restore

OK. I'm in a world of hurt. Now I'm told that getting a second drive will allow me to save the files that are on the damaged drive but that I'd have to mount it myself. That isn't a problem, I can figure out how to do that, BUT if I get a second drive, will I need to reconfigure all of the domain and subdomain and mailbox info for the 30+ sites I host in the admin panel? If so, I DON'T want to go this route and want to just buy an entire new server. (NOT another Raq!!!!)

Obviously I'm looking at the easiest way to get back up and running. Money isn't my primary concern. Any advice will be GREATLY appreciated.