Missoula, MT (December 12 2006) – Modwest, Inc., a provider of PHP hosting services worldwide, announced today the launch a web-based tool to help customers instantly configure their accounts for either PHP4 or PHP5. The new tool is an upgrade to the company's OnSite hosting control panel which allows customers to configure and manage many aspects of their accounts.

VP and co-founder John Masterson commented on the launch: "Modwest has always excelled at hosting PHP web applications and this new tool further cements our position in the PHP hosting industry. The tool gives our customers new power and flexibility to easily upgrade their accounts to run PHP5 applications, or even mix and match PHP4 and PHP5 within a single website."

As a web company specializing in PHP hosting, Modwest has made both PHP4 and PHP5 available to customers for over a year, with PHP4 as the explicit default. With the new tool's introduction, customers who require the PHP5 functionality can configure their accounts to run their .php files via the PHP5 interpreter quickly and easily.

As new versions of PHP continue to be released, web hosts often have to make the difficult choice between supporting existing clients with established scripts, and implementing the newer, more advanced platforms for tomorrow's applications. Masterson explained, "Either way, some customers might be left with scripts that don't work. Modwest now lets each individual decide which version of PHP suits them best."

PHP is the world's most popular server-side scripting language, and runs nearly 20 million websites worldwide, according to Netcraft.

Modwest began offering PHP hosting in 2000. More information about the Modwest PHP environment is available on the company's website at: http://www.modwest.com/php/


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