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    Any php pros here know how to cache sql data?

    Hello, I am looking for a php programmer who knows how to modify an existing php script so that it caches certain sql data. I have a script that I assume executes a ton of queries per page load which takes a while for the page to come up and increases CPU and MySQL usage. I know this because as a test I disabled these certain stats for the page and it loads faster than a static HTML page. However with the stat tracking system enabled the page takes about five seconds to load so I assume that on every page load everything is being recalculated.

    Before you reply, I am looking for someone who is AVAILABLE and DEPENDABLE. I get a ton of people wanting to do the job but they take weeks to respond or finish the task and I am looking for someone who is available. Please have a good internet connection as well, it sucks when I am trying to talk to someone and they time out every three seconds. Please pm if you are interested and thanks.
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    Why don't you just use MySQL cache and PHP cache? Those will improve performances a lot.
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    I already do but there is still a long delay with those pages.

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    I can suggest to use memcache and/or APC cache to store frequently used data.

    Memcache is distributed memory cache invented to improve performance and must be run as daemon.
    APC is a simple PHP module and can be installed using pecl.

    I can recomend memcahce if you plan to use two or more webboxes.

    Also check all your SQL queries using EXPLAIN. Make sure you have all required indexes.
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    I can confirm what astellar is saying, I've used memcache and it's simply awesome. When you find a developer who's going to help you, make sure he/she knows how to use memcache (which is fairly simple). It's the best thing you can use to improve your apps speed.
    Also, using EXPLAIN (as suggested) is also a good method to determine why your queries take a long time to execute so get someone who has mid-mysql knowledge in order to optimize your query.
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