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    * New Template Sale Must See -- Check it Out

    Hi everyone, thank you for stopping by and checking out these templates.

    As always everything is customizable. Full sites looks better than the smaller picture version.

    Details: All psd, fonts (if needed), html. Any customization will be done for free like adding logo, changing menus, colors, words, etc..

    Price for the design is a flat rate of $75.00 so please email me or pm. Payment is via paypal.

    Template 1

    Template 2

    Template 3

    Template 4

    Thank you very much

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    Nice templates.

    Only question I have is do you have permission to use the pics from on Template #3? I don't want to be intrusive or anything, just wanted to make sure

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    R. K. ****,

    Thank you for the compliment. And for the pics on template 3, it is a place holder any small pics will fit nicely or we can use some stock photography. Thank you for your concern--as probably other ppl would have the same concern. Other templates are from stock photos -- maybe I should replace the pictures.


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    Great Work Cathy....

    You will find buyers, No Doubt !

    Best of Luck
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