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    Anyone here using FDC?

    I searched back and there are mixed reviews about these guys. I grabbed a test server for the past 3-4 days with them on their "100mbit" and ran a consistant 20-30mbit even during peak hours on monday. There was some buffering (streaming radio) but for the most part it was pretty good.

    I'm thinking about using them for some of my low quality streams and keeping the priority stuff with my other host.

    Any reviews would be apprecaited.


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    They are really not bad at all as of late and 20-30mbits is certainly good for the price. Try doing some TCP/IP tweaks on your server to see if you can get a little better throughput as well.

    I use them to host downloads for a non-critical site of mine and we rarely have any issues.

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    i was with FDC for over a year. I loved them. But atlas i outgrew the current plan i was on. and there next price up was not in my budget so i decided to go with a different company. but anyways They are great.

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    It's been a while (more than a year or so) since I used them 2 or 3 times for some short term client needs or for storage purposes and never had a problem with them. Their network and hardware is pretty solid - when I needed support, they were there and helpful.

    I've been meaning to colo a box there for a while and just havent gotten off my rear to do it.

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    I just let one of my last personal boxes with them expire. The network is solid around 20-30mbit, I never had any problems. Support is there when you need it, true 24X7
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    We've been with FDC for two years now and have nothing but praise for Petr and his crew of chained to the floor support guys

    Many of my clients have had no issues hitting ~9MB (that's mByte, not mbit) of push, even during peak hours. For the price, even if you were "only" getting 20 - 30 mbit, it's a steal.

    I thought I heard that FDC increased their client expectations on the bandwidth side to the 50Mbit ball park, but I'd have to look to see.

    The same client that did 9MB/sec, used to run a j-pop station and was around ~110 users online with shoutcast w/o any reports of buffer issues.

    If you're streaming video, it might be a little more moody depending on how nicely people's ISP's get along with cogent. With that being said, FDC has always willingly offered to transfer users to pure BTN traffic at no cost, so this may help you with any buffer issues. Last I heard all you had todo was email sales and they'll look after you.


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    Been with them ~6 months now. They are excellent. - VPS Control Panel
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    I have used FDC a few times. Its been ok for me. The support was ok.. ( 1/10 - 6). The speeds were a bit slow sometimes.

    If you are running non-essential stuff on the box, go for it. If its mission critical stuff.. I would recommend a very strong provider. / We Filter out the Bad Leads and Send you the Good ones!
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