Hi Everyone,

Well, summer is out now, and I have ton's of free time on my hands. Currently I am helping out at 2 hosts, and I run Pixel Seven. I enjoy working with clients/customers, and love working on the net (gives me a reason to be on the computer.. )

Anyways, you probably are asking why the heck I would be looking for a tech job.. Well, I have spare time, why not put it to good use? Anyways, I could do per ticket or monthly basis. I am not expecting heaps of cash, just a small income for the odd domain name, etc.. lol.

I have 2 years experience in CPanel/WHM, with general and technical aspects, and am familiar with PerlDesk and TicketSmith. I learn fast, either with Software, or just the way business is handled.

I am available from 10.30 AM until 3 PM pretty much all days (EST GMT-5) and then 10 PM > 1 AM. I mean, I am on other times, those just seem to be when I am on most.

I could do phone support via cell phone if you pay the incoming costs, etc, or via instant message, etc. Whatever fits your needs.

If you are interested in having me work for you please feel free to PM, email or message me.

Thank you
Sean Higgins
[email protected]