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    UK2 Dedicated server nameserver setup

    I have just got a new dedicated server from UK2, running directadmin.

    I 'am having problems getting externally registered domains ( with to work on the server.

    Truthfully I'm quite new to the dedicated server route, however one of the sites i'm just launching demands it, possibly more than 1, so I don't have much choice.

    Anyways, this is what I've tried,
    Ive setup the nameservers via the control panel to and

    and then added the domain in directadmin under the user admin,

    Do I have to setup the server as a nameserver also to host domains not registered via uk2, if so how is this done?!?

    Everything I've tried so far has come to a dead end, any suggestions welcome,


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    If you have the addon you can just let our guys deal with it.

    Ditlev Bredahl. CEO, & + &

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    Regrettably I don't as I thought this would be easy to setup....Looks like I should have gone with that option!!! Sure i'll figure it out soon enough, least i'll learn something this way

    Thanks for the response again though ditlev.


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    its firewall problem

    enable port 5r3 udp and tcp
    Gary Sawyers
    UK Web Hosting and Design

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    1. check if your domain is enabled as a nameserver with opensrs (your domain provider)
    2. check firewall on DNS ports (like titandesign says) 53 tcp/udp ports
    3. check if bind is restarting after DNS zone changes
    4. wait for domain name replication, if you´ve added the domain an pointed out to your server so it should be working in a few ours depends basically on our register, (with enom I get 20 minutes of replication time)

    good luck

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    All sorted now, thanks guys, port 53 udp/tcp needed opening up.


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