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    * K.I.S.S..... Godaddy VPN? yes or no?

    ok.. I've done searches here. I've read a bunch of reviews and comments and threads... now I'm more confused than when I started. too many mixed reviews too much information....

    I need to gunna go VPN to host my forums and a few sites and need room for expansion and some potential high volume sites...

    so give it to me straight, I'm thinking Godaddy vPN....

    Am I nutz?

    ps. I'm going to have ton of traffic from asia for some of the sites.

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    I would avoid GoDaddy for anything but domains. They may have responsible people to setup the hardware, but when it comes to getting support (which is critical to have), you will be talking to 4 different people before you get to a person that can actually help you. I recommend instead.

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    thanks for the straight answer.

    will check out knownhost.

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    i agree with kubel. Even avoid GoDaddy for domains if possible since transfer is difficult. Godaddy doesn't even specify amount of dedicated memory for its VPS.

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    Godaddy is good for domains other than that, you will find overloaded servers, and horrible support.
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    I've tried many Godaddy VPS'

    It's actually not bad, it was very reliable for what it's worth. Low price too.

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