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    Vircas is looking for Sales Reps

    Hi all,

    Next year, Vircas ( will introduce the Vircas Media Center (VMC) which will offer TV Channels (DVD quality) accessible over the Internet (not IP-based).

    We need reps to help us find companies willing to put together video content in order to create their own TV channels. Of course, we will also welcome opportunities outside the VMC project, such as content owners willing to offer a VOD (Video On Demand) service.

    Our company currently deals with large content owners within both the TV and film industries, so we expect the sales reps to have an understanding of those industries.

    We offer up to 20% commission, depending on the nature and the size of the projects.

    Please contact me directly. Thank you.

    Vincent Hirth
    Founder & CEO

    Vircas, LLC
    [email protected]

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    For the attention of Nick


    Since my reply to your email bounced, I'm replying here.

    We are currently working on developing a Channel-based service throughout our existing movie player. Vircas clients (or broadcasters) will soon be able to manage their content and introduce them to our audience. Channel owners can decide on whether their videos should be accessible for free or not, it's entirely up to them. We will help them setting up a pay-per-view or a membership fee model.

    What we are doing right now is just going after content owners willing to broadcast their content from their websites. So, we brand the player and we encode the videos for them. The idea of putting all broadcasters under a "same roof" will be better for us and for them - since they will get access to our joint audience. But as I said, the unique and centralized player will be introduced next year.

    Regarding the fees, we offer our services for $2,500 per month to the broadcasters with a $599 setup fee. The services include:

    - Unlimited bandwidth
    - 120GB storage
    - Ecommerce platform (we manage the fees and transactions)
    - Customer service (for their users) with tech support
    - Stats and reports
    - Access to our audience (25,000 users so far)
    - TV/DVD/HD quality

    We need to work with sales reps who know where to find the broadcasters and how to get them on board. We already have 5 reps but they are very busy closing deals for us on other big projects.

    Our sales reps get 20% commission. Say that you find 2 broadcasters you will then get $1,000 per month.

    Where are you based and what's your background?

    Best Regards,

    Vincent Hirth
    Founder & CEO

    Vircas, LLC
    [email protected]


    Original email:

    Hello Vhirth,

    Can you please tell me in detail about job profile its sounds to me good and challenging I am interested in please tell me in detail


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