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    Any reviews on

    Does any one have any expereince with them. I'm thinking of moving my servers out there?

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    I visited there and can verify it is a nice datacenter. It is an office area with a decent number of cubes with windows into the datacenter which is raised floors and all quality Cisco gear. With the amount of people there at 6pm I'd be confident with having hands-on capabilities 24/7/365. Security was sufficient to keep me out until buzzed in. I didn't check out the power system and I cannot comment on their network.
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    They are reliable and communactive.

    There were a couple of glitches with the network over summer but they have addressed these and since the network has been 100%. Their response to these glitches was very good.

    They have a couple of Cat generators and an extensive UPS power wise; I saw the facility being built out
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    When I was hosted with DedicatedNOW there was a period of time where Fortress ITX had extensive power problems. It would seem like the UPS would fail, taking out DedicatedNOW's core network and some servers (only hit my server once, thankfully) weekly. That did stabilize after about a month though (unfortunately DedicatedNOW's network didn't ). I think DedicatedNOW's network is separate from FortressITX colo customers though.


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    Our core network and our new gar network which all new customers are being provisioned on and old customers being moved to it. That infrastructure has had 100% uptime and 100% reliability since being implemented. And all colo customers are also all provisioned with HSRP to two different gars providing 100% redundant network connectivity. In addition we invested alot of money in upgrading our power infrastructure and network infrastructure.

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