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    Unhappy Really Need help with standard Java - Is anyone free?

    Hi there

    Basically i am new to Java and i have to do something for university assignment and then i have to also create something for a website in Java.

    I have got help with quite a fair bit on Java today but i am totally stuck on the main page. I was hoping if anyone has a little time on there hands, can help me out.

    I am using Jcreator for Java and i also have another example of someones but its really confused what with being a beginner.

    If you got msn add me asap if possible [email protected] or give me a pm. I really appreciate any help and if you got a website i am willing to even post a link on my 100,000 uniques a month website for free for at least a month.

    Thank You
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    Basically i have to get the file to work, for someone knows its stuff in Java it is beginner stuff but i am just hoping for a bit of help if anyone has time on there hands. Please contact me asap
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    I've done quite a bit of Java programming. It's my preferred language.. What is exactly are you trying to do and what aspects are you having difficulty with?
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    Hi mate,

    Is it ok if i add you on msn as its bit difficult to explain

    Thank you
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