The company i work for who are re-launching their brand in 2007 will include an affiliate campaign that pays out 40 / $80 for each new client.

The product is very attractive to the consumer, and the affiliate payouts can be made as soon as the funds are cleared or as soon as a certain threshhold has been reached.

There will be no "public" signup to this scheme due to the high payout, and each site that participates will have to apply to myself or someone from my department.

We currently have 2 very high traffic sites that will be on board when we launch and we are looking for 5 - 8 more big sites to join them.

Also, we are looking for freelance web designers to join us, adding high quality web hosting to their portfolio with the oppourtunity for them to make a lot of money for each client they send to us.

Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks