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    Anyone using (or from) EV1servers / TX ?


    The other day I was googling for something and came across a post in a forum which mentioned EV1servers' refund for customers who were charged tax. In a nutshell, in the early days of EV1servers/RackShack, they collected state tax for the state of TX, where they were based. It was about 10% if I recall. Customers outside of TX always complained about this but we were told that it was a TX state government mandate.

    Anyways, the post I found mentioned that the tax office of TX decided to refund taxes collected in such a case.

    I'm no longer a customer of EV1servers though. First I called their billing section and it seems that they merged with The PLANET, and their staff had no idea of what I was talking about. Eventually, I was handed off to a customer service manager. She provided me with the forms.

    She said that I will need to submit my invoices to prove I paid taxes on my dedicated server(s) when I was a customer. Since I'm not a customer anymore, I no longer have the invoices. But they ARE in the Member Billing section of EV1servers' website.

    So I was provided with the link to login to the Member's section. I have my account number still, but my password eludes me. I'm unable to use the "Forget your password?" link since it is sending my password to an email account that is no longer valid.

    I asked kindly if their staff could reset my password so I could login, grab my invoices and move forward in obtaining my refund from the state of TX.

    The same customer service manager wrote back that there was nothing more she could do. i.e. "Please go away, I won't help you anymore." I was astonished by her tone, and feel that when I was a customer of EV1servers, I paid my bills on time, and strongly recommended the company to colleagues in need of hosting.

    I've attempted to post to the forum at EV1servers, but it seems all message boards are locked. If I send messages to [email protected], the emails all bounce back.

    So I also have to ask; is EV1servers going out of business? Are other people having problems getting support?

    I've just returned to living in America after 15 years in Japan, and I'm appalled at the level of customer service. Did anyone here obtain their refund from the state of TX, or does anyone live in TX, that might lend me a hand?


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    Well, since you don't have your password nor the email I can see why they might have a hard time changing your password for you. You may need to prove who you are because of company policies might prevent password changing in such cases like this?
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    How much do you estimate this was and how long ago?

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    I follow you 100%. Wouldn't the manager have suggested just that though? Her tone was that "there is nothing more than can be done, TX will never give back your money. go away."

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