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    Lightbulb SRSPlus EPP or Transfer Codes

    SRSPlus Transfer Codes

    I posted this as an answer in another thread:

    Note Only the Registered Reseller can do this.

    To Get the EPP or Authorized Codes you need to go to your Reseller Control Panel.
    1. Select the Domain Management then check the Domain/Domains you want.

    2. Go the Action Dropdown Menu, at the bottom selection is the Auth.Codes Request.

    3. Select and click GO.

    4. You will have a screen to confirm the request.

    5. Codes are sent to Authorized Admin e-mail account.

    I just now tested this and I got the codes for twenty plus domains within one minute. Each came within it's own e-mail to the Admin Contact for the domain.

    BTW, they have posted on their FAQ and Support Contact page that they will answer e-mail support requests within 24 to 48 hours during the week. Thus I would figure that if a request is submitted on Friday Afternoon it may not get answered until Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday.

    I have tested it today at 8:30 EST so will see if I get a response by Friday.

    Also, they do have a phone number to call support directly. I have used it and it got a fast response to my support question.

    I am a new Reseller with SRSPlus but so far I have had no problems. Support has been very responsive and helpful.

    I hope this helps anyone searching for an answer to the codes at SRSPlus.
    The Best To You!
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    Update From SRSPlus Support

    OK Folks!

    As I mentioned I sent SRSPlus a support e-mail about the Auth. Codes and I have the results. I am coping below the OFFICAL reply with dates and times. As you will be able to see their support has returned in good time and correctly.

    So if anyone needs to know my view I think SRSPlus has good support.

    Sent Request Wed 12/13/2006 8:03 AM
    Auto Reply received Wed 12/13/2006 8:05 AM
    Received Answer Reply Thu 12/14/2006 12:46 PM

    Dear ...

    Thank you for contacting SRS Plus Partner Support.

    We have recently received your request for finding authorization codes and we will be happy to assist you in this matter.

    As of 10/28/06, all inbound and outbound transfers of .com and .net domain names will require an authorization code as per new Registry guidelines.

    To request Authorization Codes in the Partner Manager, please follow the below instructions.

    Log into the Partner Manager.

    From your welcome page, click on "Manage Domains" under the heading "Total Domains in Account".

    Select the domain name(s) that you need to request the codes for. (You can select up to 50 at a time.)

    Select "Retrieve Auth Code" from the drop down menu on the right and click GO.

    Next the confirmation page is displayed. Check the box next to "Confirm Request for Authorization Code" and click "Submit".

    An email containing the authorization code will be sent to the Registrant's email address.

    We hope this information has been helpful. However, if you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact our SRSPlus Partner Support at 1-570-708-8787, or email [email protected]


    Wayne B.
    SRSplus Support Specialist
    [email protected]

    The Best To You!
    Ireland - Networking the Irish / Celtic Community

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    put in the tutorial section

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    Thanks for your information. That was a valuable information.

    Thank you.


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