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    * =>Need Opinion about & File hosting

    Hello dear friends
    I want to know is Hetzner Good company? do they have good service?
    and what do you recommend for OS on hetzner ROOT servers?

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    any reply......

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    I recently ordered a server from them, and their sales staff were very helpful and replied promptly, but since receiving their order confirmation email one week ago, I've heard nothing. They did say it usually takes a week to process orders and set up servers, but since it's been that long without any further communication, I'm going to email them again today to see if there's a problem.

    Almost all the other opinions of them I could find were positive, which is why I chose them. I'll post back here once I have more to say about their service, but good luck if you decide to go with them.

    As for the OS: from their standard options, I'm personally not experienced with either Debian or SuSE, and I wouldn't run Ubuntu on a server. I've arranged to install CentOS 4.4 myself for various reasons, which also means I can custom-partition the drives at the same time. Don't take this as a recommendation, though, as I'm no expert - both SuSE and Debian are well-liked by many, and I've always had respect for them both.

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    * something about hetzner

    Thanks Dear friend
    now i find another good servers ,
    and it look like hetzner have root servers
    but they dont give setup fee and cheaper than hetzner
    also they provide Plesk and confixx(german)
    but i want to ask you about Hetzner
    i wonder to know what is the way of controling server and
    i want to say i pan use those root servers for Hosting and sellin reseller services
    so can i do it?
    Can i host and sell reseller services?
    my problem is my budget which is not high
    so i deside to buy rootservers from these host.
    i waitin for you reply and the other
    mihd and few friends can help us ,they were and are hetzner customer....

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    they dont have a control panel like plesk or cpanel (if you want these you need to BUY and INSTALL them yourself)

    the panel they give you just lets you edit your details and view stats, restart server, nothing fancy and looks quite plain

    i believe they have managed servers which looks like what you are looking for but these are not cheap (of course)

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