Hi Everyone,

OH Telecom have a promotion on starting from today 13th December 2006 and lasting until 13th January 2007.

We are offering FREE IP TRANSIT trials for 2 month upto 50 Mbps in either Redbus Mer or Redbus Sov (Telehouse east available from 1st Feb 2007).

All you need todo is email us [email protected] and run a cable to us.

Please note if you use more than 50 Mbps overages during the trial period are just 7 + vat per Mbit. Also if you would like a gigabit port there is a one time setup charge of 150 + vat for copper or fiber.

So what are you waiting for!? Get your no strings attached transit trial setup this week!

* New customers only.
* You must signup and lay your cable by the 13th Jan 2007 to apply.
* BGP or PA ip space upon justification available as option.

Ongoing prices

10 Mbps CDR @ 100 + vat per month
50 Mbps CDR @ 400 + vat per month
100 Mbps CDR @ 650 + vat per month
300 Mbps CDR @ 1725 + vat per month
1000 Mbps CDR @ 4900 + vat per month

* 10ge ports are available for a one time setup fee of 6000 + vat each.

Contact [email protected] now!