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    Any good VPS Host in these circumstances...?


    So far on my researches I've found some good(reliable, or seem like) VPS hosts like Servint, Liquidweb, etc.

    But a lot of them, their domain comes up when doing a trace to the server(domain or IP).., so ofcourse, for me their service is useless as I don't want my customers to jump me after a couple of months.
    So I supose I need a Host that "its" DataCenter(which has a domain) doesn't offer VPS, shared, reseller etc. on his website, maybe they may offer Dedicateds BUT need to be unmanaged, so my customers can't jump me so easily.

    For example..., Knownhost and a2b2 use Colo4dallas or who don't offer VPS, Reseller, shared, etc.

    Are there any other Good VPS hosts in these circumstances?

    Thank you


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    Or you can just look at a VPS provider which talk with you and find a solution like rDNS using a domain protected by a Proxy Registrar or without rDNS for the server ip...

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