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    Angry Hetzner - bad comments

    I checked many hosting offers and I choose - before I submited I asked support how long I must wait to have active server (we need it fast) - they say 3-4 days so I filled up form and submit server.
    I get email 100% in german so I wrote back question are everything is ok because I dont understand german - no answer.
    After 24h I ask edon-line support is everything is ok - they say no ... they lost my credit card details ?
    How come thay can lost so important thing like credit card details!?
    Anyway I pasted it again and start waiting... it was over 2 weeks ago!
    The worst thing i am sending email severy day and I am getting different answers like "today", "tomorrow", "tomorrow - maybe even today", "maybe today"...
    We felt like they are lying to us! They pasted link where we can check status of works ... but if this link is true we should have server active one week ago!

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    You sure you contacted the right Hetzner? That doesn't sound like the Hetzner I'm dealing with.

    German e-mails are only a problem if you never heard of Google.

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    if it takes too long do a chargeback.

    that gonna hurt them.

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    why dont u ring them? they do speak english and a skypout call wont cost u much to germany

    the only thing i dont like about hetzner is the bandwidth, once u go over 1TB is goes to under 2-3mbit (not liek 10mbit they say) and it takes up to 5 workings day to get another 250GB as the proccess is manual
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    So far hetzner is great - we have 3 dedi with them and we will buy another 7. Their prices and network are just dream!

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