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    What is a Private Switch and 10mb/s Port?

    Hi all,

    When ordering servers, I am always given the option of having a Private Switch for $10 extra. What exactly is a Private Switch and what benefits does it have?

    Also what is the difference between a 10mb/s port and a 100mb/s port? I assume when I am given 1500GB bandwidth I can use all that bandwidth so what is the point of having a bigger port for this bandwidth?

    Cheers - Dav
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    You may have bursts of use of the port more than 10Mbps say 50MB so it assists you in peak times if you have a busy site.
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    The private switch can be used to connect "privately" between your servers (if you have multiple) and have free bandwidth between them.

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    I assume you are ordering from LayeredTech, as those prices look pretty in line with LT. You are not actually getting a private switch, you are just getting one port on a private switch. For a private switch to be useful, you really need to have more than one server. If you think you are going to add a server or two later (a database server is the normal thing to add for web hosting), then ordering a private switch port is probably a good idea as you will not have to have your IPs changed. It would probably be better to order 2, becuase the way LT does things is they reserve the ports you order and sell the other ports on the switch (private switches are essentially vlans of your own servers on one switch). If you only order one, you may have to have your server moved to a switch with another open port when you want to order another server.


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