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    how to login to /home/ directory?

    i have cpanel (whm) on my server. i have full root access. i want to save some files in /home/ to login there through ftp or ssh.

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    cd /home ?

    chown someuser:somegroup thefiles
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    ssh and ftp

    First of all, if you have ssh access is grate, but you can not login to ftp using root user. The idea will be to login to ftp using your cpanel username for the account in which you want to upload files:

    host: domainname
    user: cpanel username
    pass: cpanel username pass

    from there, go in /public_html an there upload the files. - Reliable and secure vpn services

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    to use ssh use a program called putty. put your ip and port and it''ll open up a shell window. then put your root user and pass

    then use linux commands to naviagte directories: eg: ls to list directories and cd .. to go up dir etc....

    look here for commands and what they do:

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    Use following command to go to anyones directory without going to home directory

    cd ~<username>

    and for all the SSH command use the following links

    Thank you.


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