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    application and database on 2 different servers

    I need a company to host my "MySQL database" (big one: millions of rows!) only, without my application to be able to quicly move from a hosting plan to another (application) without moving my database and stoping the website for a period of time. Which means, my application and my database will be on different servers.
    I need a confident company which I can trust. Anyone can help? And I need to know if the fact that I put my application and database on 2 different servers may causes problems like slow respond, performance, etc.
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    As far as I know, stormhosts have at least one server dedicated to MySQL. I've hosted sites with them before and had a forum on one of their web servers with the MySQL database hosted on their MySQL server. Instead of putting localhost in the forums setup for the MySQL server address, I put in their dedicated MySQL server IP address and everything worked brilliantly. No speed/response issues at all.
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    I believe SiteGround do this:

    They do at least for their Windows systems. - VPS Control Panel
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    if both servers are connected within a private LAN, you will be fine. Otherwise, it's vary, and you may face to performance issues. If it's a very big web site, why dont you rent 2 servers then configure them yourself?

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