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    Thumbs down not a registrar?

    Everything I read on the website leads me to believe that they are a domain registrar... The signup page asks for a domain that new users can register. It has a separate interface for users with existing domains. FAQ mentions domain registration, etc.

    Well, I signed up. Account seems OK, but there's been no request to transfer my domain. The account comes with three free domains and I still have three credits so I guess the transfer is not automatic.

    Anyhow, I scoured their website and there is not a clue as to how to transfer a domain to them. I can register new domains, but not transfer. Very odd.

    So, I pull up the online tech support chat and the agent tells me that they don't do transfers. I can let the domain expire and then then can register it. I can't believe this.

    So, I call up the 24hour tech line and I ask if they are a domain registrar. They tell me that they are. So I ask why I can't transfer my domain there. I get some mumbling and then am told "our system can't handle it. We're hoping to be able to do transfers sometime in the next year."

    Is this for real?

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    IxWebhosting isn't a domain registrar. You'll find the actual list of registrars below:

    Anyone else who supports domain name registrations that aren't listed there are
    actually resellers for their respective registrar partners. And only ICANN registrars
    are allowed to have the ICANN seal on their sites.

    Live and learn.

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    Almost all web hosts are domain name resellers, which its not a problem if you are asking me. Resellers are able to register/renew/transfer domains without a problem.

    I can't understand why ixWebhosting is not transferring your domain, however, in their website under the plan description they clearly say that you can "Register" a domain name at no additional cost, they don't mention anything about transferring your domain.
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    Hm ... it's really very odd. If they reg the domain what is the issue then? Otherwise it's a fake.

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    They offer 3 free domain registrations, not transfers. The offer seems pretty clear to me.

    Even if they're just resellers, domains transfers would still be possible. For some reason they don't want to get into this business, which is well within their rights.

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    To be quite honest, I personally advise separating domain registrations from hosting anyways. If your webhost goes belly-up, you may experience difficulty with your domain registrations.

    Just a thought.

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    Please wait for a site operator to respond. are now chatting with 'Vladimir Rysht'
    you: hello
    Vladimir Rysht: Hello, how may I help you?
    you: who does ix register their domains through?
    Vladimir Rysht: We register your domain name through TUCOWS, INC.
    you: via opensrs?
    Vladimir Rysht: Yes
    you: can i transfer a domain to you then?
    Vladimir Rysht: Yes you can.
    you: how?
    Vladimir Rysht: Did you host your domain name with other company?
    you: i'm aware of how to change nameservers. i'm asking if i can physically change registrars to
    Vladimir Rysht: Sorry, but we don't provide domain registration transfer. You can only point your domain name to our server, but you will need renew your domain name with your old company.
    you: thank you!
    Vladimir Rysht: You are welcome

    There you have it. They're an OpenSRS reseller and they "can" transfer a domain, but it's a rather involved/slightly manual process that they are avoiding. Many other hosts (PowWeb, IPower, etc) use OpenSRS and transfer domains just fine.

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    Whats the point of transferring your domain as long as you dont have any problems with your Registrar ?
    Simply point the nameservers and its just fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eGawish
    Whats the point of transferring your domain as long as you dont have any problems with your Registrar ?
    Simply point the nameservers and its just fine.
    Who says I haven't had issues with my registrar?

    One of my domains currently cannot be updated at because a transfer was started and the old registrar never completed the transaction.

    Now that domain's SOA points to the new registrar, which never actually got the domain. I can't change my DNS servers due to a missing "RA" record (resource?).

    FWIW, the domain is ""

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    No domain record changes will be allowed once a registrar transfer has begun. No
    DNS changes, no ownership changes, nada.

    If you're using the same nameservers and if the host allows it, you can still edit A
    records, MX, SOA, etc. But that's if the 2 ifs still apply.

    According to WHOIS, the authorization email will supposedly go to a lunarpages-
    based email address. If also possible, you might want to get those changed after
    the current transfer request (if any) has been completely cancelled.

    Then again, it looks like you're really "pushing" the domain name from one reseller
    to another instead of an actual registrar. Tucows doesn't do domain registrations
    directly and let their resellers do the legwork.

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