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    Question Writer?

    Words are powerful, and the words you use on your website to describe the company, services, and support are crutual, I know. People tell me I'm "good with words", but is that enough?

    Should I hire someone, is it worth it?
    Suggestions, how did you do it?
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    I have written nearly the whole website content by myself but then the website deveoppers has broght it into line with ceo and somehow improved the content from the marketing point of view. To tell the truth I am not native seaker thus I also have sent my content to American native speakers so that they make the words easy and that they will sound well. If you want you can hire some content writers, but I do think that you know better how to tell about your peculiar service and support and etc etc etc

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    As hanber suggested, you should start by writing the content yourself, but then have a professional writer (hopefully with marketing experience) go through it and make improvements.
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    All of the above is true. If you get the general jist down, you could find yourself set. People want to see words they can understand in the form that communicates something they can relate to. Sounding *too* professional sometimes tells potential clients you've given too much thought about your site and may be compensating for actual quality of service. (hey if my service sucks, at least my site is good!)

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    You have to care of keywords in your content while writing a site content for SEO
    And please make sure that all your keyword is targeted in content.

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