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    Unhappy DNS resolution is very slow

    Hi Guys,

    I am a newbee and I just got a DS. I have created 2 nameservers on it with 2 IP addresses assigned to me. I have registered both the nameservers with my registrar. I used Cpanel/WHM to create nameservers on my DS box.

    Then I poined my domain name with my registrar to my nameservers and when I use my domain name in the broswer, I can successfully open the site.

    However, the firsttime I goto my site, the home page opens after a lot of delay. But once it is open all the other pages open really quick, including the home page.

    This makes me believe that the DNS resolution is taking a lot of time. Can anyone help me as to what might be going wrong and what I should change to fix this?

    I can provide more info if required. Also, is having our own nameserver on the DS a good idea? or should I use the hosting companies nameservers?


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    What's your domain? Hard to debug the issue by "takes a lot of time."

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    csinterviews DOT com / testindex.php

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    This tool is very picky, but perhaps correcting some of the issues it mentions will fix whatever problem you're experiencing: loaded extremely fast for me, but going to testindex.php took a little bit. Perhaps something is messed up with your php which is causing the page to load slowly?

    It resolves fairly quickly (aside from the issues dnsstuff reports), so that does not appear to be your issue.

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    How can I fix these from this report?

    Took off 8 points for having no glue at a parent server [adds 2 extra packets to lookup].
    Took off 6 points for having no glue for [adds 2 extra packets to lookup].
    Took off 10 points since is an open DNS server (if abused, your DNS may be inaccessible, and over usage could result in slowdowns).

    Thanks for all your help.

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    If your registrar permits it, you should just use their dns servers.

    Your hosting provider may also have dns servers available for your use.

    Why waste your limited resources on providing dns?
    managed dns global failover and load balance (gslb)
    uptime report for

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