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    What's new in SEO?

    Recently, someone I was working with commented that with the way things change in SEO, he wanted to make sure that nothing new in the field was missed when updating his site.

    What has changed in SEO in the past couple of years or so? The changes I can think of are older than that. That is, except for social sites bringing more inbound links, but this person was thinking about what he can do to his pages to help improve their SERP.

    What comes to your mind when you think about the thread title question?

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    Great topic. I've been on the same question
    Show your reciprocal links on your website. eReferrer

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    What's new...

    I'm not an expert in search engine indexing and ranking trends, but I can share a few items. First of all, Google (and I assume others) are actively targeting link farms and are attempting to discern between organic and purchased links when figuring out penalties and bans on sites. The time may come when purchasing a link on a popular site will not factor into PR (perhaps SEs will negate external link clusters or certain sizes?). That's not to say it will happen, but it's the desired outcome for SEs.

    Yahoo!, MSN and Google now all share the same XML site map structuring guidelines. That's GREAT news for people who take advantage of Google site maps (and if you don't, what's holding you back??).

    PR appears to factor into indexing depth now. The more "important" your site, the farther into your site's structure Google will index. Not sure if this applies to others, but the Big Daddy update earlier this year saw many sites lose thousands of pages within the Google index as Google cleaned house on lower-priority sites.

    As for your friend and SERP, here's a little something I wrote a few days ago that might be interesting. - it's loosely aimed at hosting sites, but the principles are pretty universal.
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