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    Hello Everybody.

    I am in need of someone to completely setup my web hosting business to be automated and also setup to allow resellers to sell hosting.

    The website itself is built in php so you must know this.
    You must also know about server setup and integrating the site to work with whatever 3rd party software is needed.
    I have both 2 checkout and paypal accounts for payments from my customers.

    I currently have 6 accounts being hosted with domains at enom.

    Just to clarify what I need:
    I need my website "tweaked" and the dedicated server FULLY setup to take orders, setup the orders and bill for recurring payments (automation). The server itself will have to be setup and installed so I can get resellers along with the website changed to incorporate the changes.

    I will let interested individuals know what the website is when requested.

    Please PM me with a quoted price along with the timeline you believe this will take.

    Thanks and have a nice day!


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    What you are ideally looking for is a system admin, web designer and a developer in one person.

    I believe it will be difficult to reply for anybody if you dont give at least an idea which applications you have in mind f.e Cpanel, Plesk, Modernbill etc. with this comes certain limitations and features that need to be considered.

    Post a bit more details so that interested parties can make a realistic estimation how much time they will need. F.e will the mail server have anti-virus or anti-spam features ?
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    I believe the OP simply needs someone to install a billing system (Modernbill for example) and configure it to work with the server for automation setups. Then install any 3rd party software such as livechat or a support desk, am I correct?
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    yes STag-Dan you are correct. Along with make sure it will work with reseller accounts.

    Valentin is kindof correct also, as the person will need to know php to edit the site to work with the server and automate 3rd party software.

    As of now i do not subscribe to ModernBill or the person will need to know one of these and how to set everything up.

    The server will be linux and cpanel based

    I am currently pricing dedicated hosting...thinking of choosing between 2 currently. It looks to being between a server at hostgator (more expensive, more included) or one at (alot cheaper, less included)

    Thanks in advance


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    @ Speedy I think you need sufficient post to received PM's
    please give your mail ID so that I can sent you the details

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    @ speedy mail you please check it

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