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    2U Dual Opteron 246 2GB ECC 6x250GB Server For Sale

    My apologies if this is not exactly the right place to post this but, I believe this is the most suitable section.

    Note this server will be available for early January as it is being brought back from my datacenter.

    Server built by
    Condition: Used for about one year.
    Color: Black
    Chassis: 2U Super Micro
    MotherBoard: Super Micro
    Dual Opteron 246
    6x250GB SATA Drives
    2GB ECC Registered Memory PC 3200
    2 Gigabit Nics
    Hardware Raid, Current server is setup on Raid 5 with 6th drive as hot spare

    This server has worked perfectly this past year unfortunately due to business turns it will no longer be utilized.

    Original price paid with shipping $3215

    Asking for $2300 Shipped

    I am a 250+ Verified PayPal Business Member.

    The server is very close as this server (The difference in processors and maybe some other minor items, same builder): (Server should look almost exactly as in picture)

    I will post exact "original" specifications when I located them the original order form

    Feel free to post questions, Thank You

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    We would offer 1400.00 for the server
    ICQ 120397604 |MSN : | AIM : rwhsupport | Yahoo: rwhmax

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