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    IP Addresses And Nameservers

    I have two IPs for a VPS. One is assigned to the server and the other is free.

    My question is what is the best practice:
    1) Use the server IP and the free IP to create nameservers
    2) Get an additional IP and use the (then) two free IPs to create nameservers

    Or does it not matter and won't affect anything either way?

    Thanks for the help.

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    I would do number one, there is no point in wasting an ip address when they're already so limited.

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    Technically speaking, you can do it either way, however most people do it the first way you mentioned, but i myself have a block of ip's and spared two seprate ones for the name servers.

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    Any particular reason you use seperate IPs for the nameservers? I actually think I might be more comfordable doing it that way myself. Just a comfort thing, I am used to doing it that way.

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    One thing I realized is that by doing it the first way - at least using DirectAdmin - any nameservers you setup for your resellers(virtually) will only use 1 IP address. So I can going the second route so my resellers can have 2 IP addresses for their nameservers.

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