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    Takeover: 3 Dedicated Servers @

    I have 3 Servers at availiable for takeover..
    These have been sold out for a while so gettem while you can!
    They are on 100mbps unmetered ports, however they have been
    having problems so 10-20Mbps per server at the moment which will
    hopefully be fixed soon.

    $60 server next renewal at 1/8
    $60 server next renewal at 1/2
    $80 raid-server next renewal at 12/20

    All 3 for $100/OBO. PM me or AIM: oxwebtech
    thank you!

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    Just to help you, most dedibox servers have been pushing atleast 25mbit, although i personally have pushed about 30mbit.

    (and they are hoping to increase speeds because of network upgrades)

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    Yup I see 30 mbit in mine too..

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    these are still availiable, i'm online now for instant takeover..
    reach me at AIM: oxwebtech

    They are installed with Debian OS and Webmin control panel
    running apache and ftp servers.

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    How are the transatlantic ping times and throughput rates during peak and offpeak hours with these boxes?

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    Price lowered to $75. I get about 200 ping transtlantic however at the time there is packet loss due to problem with teleglobe isp.

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    Price lowered to $60. I'm online now.

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    Offer still valid pm me if so

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    Heres the details about the servers

    Processor: VIA C7 2.0 GHZ
    Disk space: 160GB SATA2
    RAM: 1GB DDR2 400MHZ
    Bandwidth: 100Mbps Unmetered shared
    Managed: NO

    however note they are having problems with their network so they can only
    get about 10-20Mbps off them. Also from what I've seen the connection is slow
    to one person but with many connections u will be able to get 10-20Mbps..

    I'm online now, these servers are sold out at so get them
    for super cheap to play around with it or hope they will fix the connection and
    you'll have 3 servers there

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