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    Looking for a new eNom reseller

    Currently I have a number of domains registered with eNom through RegisterFly, but would like to move them to another eNom reseller. One requirement is under $10 per year for .com names.

    Just as important, though, is that I use eNom's name servers ( so I need a web based control panel for updating DNS, similar to that found at RegisterFly.


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    Just looking around here at the threads on Enom will reveal several ETP's that will set you up 8.95 accounts for free. As a RF customer, I'm sure you know by now that there's lots of threads around here about RF and Enom at the moment.
    If for some strange reason you can't find them, PM me.

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    3,937 is a very popular enom reseller.
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    hello Eli,

    welcome to WHT ;-)

    I am not aware of any Enom reseller / retailer accounts that ask for more than $10 per year for .com names ?

    Also I do asume most if not all use as name servers.

    Please anybody correct me if I am wrong !!

    Out of curiosity, are you aware of ANY registrar that doesnt provide a web based control panel ?
    How would they allow their clients to make settings ?

    I feel a bit *puzzled* about the requirements mentioned above, but perhaps I am just getting dizzy. ;-)

    mrzippy and others on WHT I do believe might help you out with an enom account directly.
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    There are lots of people here who can create a free eNom reseller account for you with pricing of $8.95.

    Have a look at the "offers and requests" forum, or do a google search for "free enom reseller account".

    You should be sure to be very careful what "parent" reseller you sign up under, as they have total control over your account, including your pricing.

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    Go directly to enom and get a reseller account yourself. If you have several domains, the 100$ initial is just nothing

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    NameCheap is a good suggestion, imho. Whichever one you choose, you will have to pay for a transfer because there is no free push available to/from Registerfly.
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