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    * Ad Tracking software


    I'm starting to do some banner ads with some other sites and even though they provide to you how many clicks they sent to your site and so forth, I want a way to have my own AD tracking instead of having to look in the Web stats software to see if they are matching what the vendor's ad system is saying vs. mine.

    I see that Kayako SUpportSuite has this when I was looking at it but it seems pretty basic and I'm not even sure if it works correctly.

    Also, do any of the programs have support that when a clickthrough comes in, you would place a code on the order success page that will send a note to the system to let it know of a conversion .

    Looking for something with very robust reporting as we are setting out for a large campign.
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    Anyone have any suggestions please...

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    Google Analytics.
    Google Adwords account also has this feature (even if you don't use adwords)
    Adwatcher I believe does this as well.

    dozens of others, just do a search and you'll find tons of them

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