Here's what I need.

Dedicated Server
Windows 2000 or XP Professional
800mhz or Faster
381 Ram
30GB Harddrive or Larger
On a OC-3 connection.
But only wanting to use 1mbit.
Server must be located outside of the US (to help us avoid some taxes and fees the US would otherwise want us to pay).

I wish to use this server for streaming (Dance music via MP3, Windows Media Audio, and Real Audio.), and stats programs that will go along with the streaming. I need some quotes ASAP.

We just want it on an OC-3 line because we thought it would offer more stability, and security. (Someone already proved us wrong so thats alright.)

I will install a program to allow me to manage the server from home. VNC, is the one I belive I might use.

If you can lower the prices, I'll advertise your company on my site that receives a modest 4000 users daily.

I'm in urgent need of this server immediatly. Thank you for all your input.

PS. We know linux is better, but I havn't ever used it before so until that day I would prefer a windows server. Thanks anyhow for the many suggestions.

If you need reassurance that were NOT some porn site, warez site, etc.. check it out if you must.