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    MediaTemple (vd)

    I am thinking of signing up for a (mt) (dv) plan... Just wondering if people thinks it's a good idea?

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    You may also want to look at these companies as well:


    As per forum rules, I can't post any URL's yet as I'm still in "newbie-land" status!!

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    Anyone have any things I should know about the (dv)?

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    Hi , i have 2 years whit mediatemple ...
    Mediatemple is a nasty "compañy " seems like big company but not it , are just single 8 people in the area of "technical support" , never respond they are nastiness, and if you ask for support by account to center answers the system with a ticket immediately and they answer in up to 2 days and the answer is a Link where you found all the documentation about your "problem". the management of the support people is Andrew Won is a turtle man never takes calls of report the service of badly technical support ,
    I recommend to use SolidHost is to much better

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