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    * Unique design using frames

    Give my site some honest reviews. I design the latest model with frames, each page loads in the middle.

    Very fast, convienient, and stylish.

    best runs at 1024x768 resolution.

    Any comments?

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    hmmm, dont use things like the flash buttons or the menu that you can just get from Needs to be more original

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    Thumbs up hehe

    I thought it looked cool! oh well......I am currently studying macromedia flash, so i look forward to some new stuff.

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    Alright first things first, this is no flame on you, but I HATE FRAMES! I always think there is a better way to design a site without having to resort to frames, but hey some people like them

    Now to your site, first off you have a lot of design no no's on your site:

    1. Scrolling text, very annoying, not very usefull as it distracts the user's eye from the rest of the site.

    2. Animated gif's. Good for a newbie site who is just getting into HTML, but bad for a more professional site, it also takes the eye away from following the rest of the site.

    3.) You have this menu thing that follows me as I scroll through your main content frame....why? Why do you need to remind that there is a menu when I can see it to the left of me anyway? You don't need more than one way for a user to get around your site, same goes for the placement of the site map. So far I have 3 ways to get "home" within a matter of 300 horizontal pixels. Don't get me wrong, it's always good to alert the users how to get around, just don't over do it. -- coming soon to an internet near you...

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    while there are some good design elements there, the overall structure is quite poor........

    THe amount of content, and confusion caused by the excessive frames will make it difficult for most visitors..........generally when I see sites like this, I would not try and sift through, but would rather close my browser.......

    You may also want to consider cross browser compatibility issues, as when viewed in Mozilla it wasnt very pretty.........

    If you keep some of the design, get rid of frames, scrollers.......and focus on delivering more simplicity, the site will be good.......


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    That Scrolling text at the upper left.. erm not my thing.
    Do not really get the arrow background.

    Don't really think there is anything wrong with using the flash from guistuff....
    (I find stuff like that and templates useful to those that are not experts in the field)

    A decent layout.. just needs some tweaking. It will get there
    Always so hard to design a site and get it the way you want!
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    O yea and some images were not working..
    Also "Coming in 1-2 weeks..." I know its not to do with the layout..
    But just wanted to say it does more harm than good to tease* I think (heeh)
    Nothing Special: True Archive , just my lil archive for fun... maybe turn into something more?

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    Way too many frames for my taste
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    i don't like frames and there are simple too much scroll bars to move and drag, so irratating.

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    I don't have a problem with frames, as long as they fit well with the overall design.

    Your site is way too cluttered...

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    organization organization organization
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    Originally posted by The Prohacker
    Way too many frames for my taste
    Agreed. Personally I think 1 frameset is too many.
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    Thanks for all your reviews. I must agree. When the site is viewed in 800x600 the frames smash together creating mass chaos!

    I am currently in the process of switching to borders. Are borders effective? Do they work well? So far, they are difficult to handle with front page 2000.

    I will try out some of your advice. I am removing the scrolling text, and the scrolling menu.

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    No frames for me, plz... I'd keep it down to 1 scrollbar.
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