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    Question Support 4 Hire

    I need 24/7 live chat/ticket support.
    I know that there are many companies out there that offer support solutions, but hiring individuals is another option I'd like to explore.

    What requirements/recommendations should I ask of individuals?
    Experience, training, knowledge?

    Although I am fully capable of setting up and managing my servers/software, is there any additional training I may personally need to ensure I am able to support my customers?

    Perhaps a list of skills/knowledge may be needed.

    If you are a support professional for hire, feel free to private message me to discuss.
    Thank You.
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    I would recommend the follwoing.

    Since I ready your other thread I recommend one level 3 and one level 1, level 2 being yourself.

    As I sometimes find(before hiring Level 3) I am talking to client and doing something via SSH at the same time and it can be confusing and makes them annoyed and me and the people waiting for something via ssh. So this way you can 'split' up..for now I recomend getting Voidsecurity(user on here..tell him I refered you ) and paying by job and handling all tickets yourself.

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    I know your asking some questions, but I'd suggest posting in here ( instead.

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