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    iFrames or Javascript to include a .PHP File (AdServing)

    What would be faster for including a PHP file iFrames or Javascript -- Im going to be doing remote Ad-Serving here soon and Im just curious what is faster / better.. I would need the most efficient way as Im going to be getting over 5million impressions /month

    Option A) Use iFrames and include the .PHP file to serve the ads
    PHP Code:
    <iframe src="link to .php file"></iframe
    Option B) Use Javascript and link to the .PHP file to serve the ads
    PHP Code:
    <script type="text/javascript" src="link to .php file"></script> 

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    Its not so much a speed issue as it is a display issue. It really depends on the file you are including. Speed would be about the same regardless, as both methods are client-side.
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    I would suggest going with the javascript becuase its more hidden then iframes so ya get a better look. Tough you also have to consider browsers like firefox that blocks javascript(optional)

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    Speed will mostly depend on the caching algoritam, not on display type Jscript/Iframe ..

    Altohough, the best way is to support both types ..
    And to use iframe in <noscript> block, if the browser doesn't support frames ...

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