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    I've been using alot of different ISP's over the past 6 or 7 years (9Net, Valueweb, Simplenet, etc...) and always felt lossed in the shuffle. They never wanted to accommodate me if I needed certain CGI Libraries, etc...

    While looking for a place that would host Typo3 CMS, I found a link to at typo3's website.

    I signed up with them, they loaded Typo3 for me, for free, and have been great ever since. Tech support has been quick and effective, they don't give the typical patronizing responses that some support person reads off a cue card. And best of all, if their is a problem they actually fix it. Hmmm that's unsual! : )

    The url is

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    I was sent an extremely thoughtful and comprehensive reply from them regarding my post in the requests forum. Anybody else like to add their experiences with Spidersaid?

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    Does anyone else have any experience with Sipdersaid?


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    hmm this looks like spam to me, oh well

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