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    Small hosting business for sale.


    We now have 20 cPanel clients we are looking to sell.
    We must sell them all, so please place a bid for all of the accounts, not just for one.
    We are looking for a reliable host, so please provide a link to your host company site.
    Most of the clients are billed on monthly basis. All payments are made via with credit cards.
    None of the sites are adult.
    The cost for our plans are $6.95/month $12.95/month and $19.95/month, all in US $
    The actual server is not for sale, you are bidding only for the clients' accounts.
    The starting bid is $50 per account.

    We are looking for the best price. If you want to PM me with what you think is fair. Only serious offers please.

    - Place bid (by PM please); all serious bids will be considered and your company checked-out.
    - Successful bidder will have to sign and fax a sheet saying that they are agreeing to purchase the accounts for an agreed upon amount.
    - Payment will be made via Credit card: 50& upfront, and 50% after the accounts have been transfered.
    - We will send out an email to our clients informing them that their accounts have been purchased/sold.
    - Buyer will be provided with individual account usernames & passwords to make the transfers.
    - Once the accounts have been transfered, the buyer's credit card will be billed for the total amount.

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    PM sent.

    Please reply asap.
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    Please provide more info on the packages that the clients are on, ie monthly, yearly, start dates etc.

    Are you including the domain and website?

    I see you're using cpanel7. Is there any problem transfering from such an old cpanel to cpanel10?

    They are all paying with credit card through what processor?
    You are only accepting payment through credit card directly?

    Please pm me if you don't want to post.


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    Private Message Sent.

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    Is hard to calculate the actual cost without knowing:

    1) How many customers are on each plan
    2) What is the average time they have been with you
    3) The features you give per account
    4) Do you include a domain for free or not?
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    Very Interested

    I'm very interested in placing a strong bid with you. Unfortunately, I've not made the requistite number of posts necessary yet to PM you. Please contact me at jschwarberg at iwsgroupinc dot com and we can take this discussion offline.

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    if this is for sale can you pm me with the highest bid to date so far??
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    I would be interested please let me know the highest bid so far and BIN if you have one in mind.


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    Best Offer!!

    Can you please PM the next step. I am very interested and would like to close this deal ASAP.


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    Quote Originally Posted by moewin
    Can you please PM the next step. I am very interested and would like to close this deal ASAP.

    xemplarnet, is that you?!?!

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    Happy New Year!

    I've been away for the holidays and the selling of the accounts was temporarily on hold, but now I am back.

    The current bid is at $75 per account. If you want to place one, please PM me.
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