Finally finishing the sexy new touches to the website and installing the new Modernbill (An achievement in itself) id like to welcome ProntoHost

I will list our particular Features and our Coupon code... You can do the rest.

We Offer Multiple Domain Hosting AKA "Reseller accounts" with:

* 2 IP's for your nameservers and up to 5 IP's
* 24/7/365 True Staff support - Through our "On-the-front-page" Forum
* SSH Access to keep an eye on the server from the inside
* Overselling Allowed
* XController Theme
* Fantastico
* RVSkins
* Dedicated staff member to transfer your Existing Accounts, Should you need it.
Within 24 Hours
(Cpanel -> Cpanel)

Our Plans :

  • 1,000 MB of Space 15,000 MB of Transfer UNLIMITED domains - 10/Month
  • 2,000 MB of Space 30,000 MB of Transfer UNLIMITED domains - 15/Month
  • 3,000 MB of Space 45,000 MB of Transfer UNLIMITED domains - 20/Month
More details on Plans

Our Website

Coupon Codes:

To Get 40% Off, use the coupon code PHWHT1240

If you have any more questions.. Please dont hesitate to contact us!