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    Flash+ActionScript and/or Web Designer needed


    I need a flash designer do develop this project:

    a) Flash upload system similar to YouTube to upload big audio files and have no upload time limit as PHP does.
    Upload form will have these fields:
    - Title (user's input).
    - Category (XML driven).
    - Probably, a hidden field with the uploader's ID.

    After successfull upload, SWF must communicate with a PHP to add this info to the database.

    Upload system does not require special graphic design.

    b) Flash MP3 player to play these uploaded files with custom controls: volume, play and stop.
    Preload system, song length (not sure if can be done), maybe a couple of additional features.
    Song ID or info would be taken from a dynamic PHP.
    A jukebox or similar design would be required.

    c) Template website designer.

    All PHP coding would be done by myself.

    Please, PM me with quotes, questions, and if possible, references/portfolio.

    Project would start inmediatelly, ASAP.

    Thank you very much,


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    Do you use a messenger handle by chance?

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    Template designer is no longer needed, but still looking for somebody to go ahead with both flash projects... somebody will?



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