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    Question ip questions

    hey everyone, i have a few questions about ips.

    do i need an ip for every server i own?

    do i purchase more ips from my broadband supplier?

    does my router just give each server/computer any ips that are available? or if i need to set it up how do i do this?

    thanks all


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    By default, most broadband providers give you a dynamic IP.

    If you want static IP's and more than one, you will have to ask and more than likely pay for them.

    What kind of servers are you going to be running? From home I assume? How fast is your connection speed (up and down)?
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    i think my connection speed is 10 mpbs,
    i want to run 2 dns servers and 1 web server just to get started.
    yes, im going to be running them from home

    o no it carnt be 10 mpbs, sorry, well on my pc i usually get 56 mpbs from my router but my pc is pretty far away from router so it goes up and down allot, but the servers will be next to broadband box
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    im paying for 10 mb speed from ntl, thats the top they sell i think, will that be ok?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shergold
    im paying for 10 mb speed from ntl, thats the top they sell i think, will that be ok?
    You sound like you are on cable, in which case your speed is asynchronous: different speeds upstream and downstream. Also, I would be surprised if the do not proxy their port 80 tcp traffic. Again, assuming you are on cable.

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    im on broadband, wich i think is cable

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    what is the best connection to get for servers?

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